Behind The Wheel: Stories Of Owners And Their Classic Car Collections

Behind The Wheel: Stories Of Owners And Their Classic Car Collections

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Classic cars have become an obsession for some; an art form, a history lesson, and a symbol of the past. For the owners of these classic car collections, the stories behind them become as important as the cars themselves. We spoke to a few such owners and below are their stories and why each chose to invest in a classic car collection.

The Collector: Paul Simpson

Paul Simpson and his classic car collection

Paul Simpson has been collecting classic cars for the last three decades. For him, they represent a way to connect with his past and his family. Paul’s father was a mechanic and Paul grew up always tinkering with cars. That’s why when he was old enough to purchase his own car, he chose to focus on classic cars as a way to stay connected to his father.

Now, Paul is the proud owner of a dozen vintage cars, which he keeps in near perfect condition. He takes them out for Sunday cruises around town with family and friends. Each of his cars has a unique story and a unique look. Most of them are hand-restored with original parts, providing a spectacular peek into the past.

The Dreamer: Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson and his classic car collection

Robert Anderson is a born dreamer. He had always wanted to drive a classic car, even though he never had the opportunity or the money to buy one. But when he sold his successful tech company, he took the opportunity to take the plunge and purchase four classic cars.

For Robert, his collection is a symbol of his success and all the hours he put into building his business. But for him, it is also an opportunity to fulfill his dream of driving a piece of history at the same time. He is especially proud of his 1960s MG which he restored himself.

The Historian: Rebecca Porter

Rebecca Porter and her classic car collection

Rebecca Porter is an avid collector of classic cars, but her goal is not just to own them, it is to truly appreciate them. As a passionate historian, she loves understanding the stories behind each car. She carefully researches every car she owns, finding out what its history is, how it was built, and where it has been. She often takes her car out on outings with her family, but she also uses it to participate in parades and car shows, helping to keep the history alive.

Classic cars are more than just a way to get from one place to another. To these collectors, they have come to represent more than just cars. To them, it is a way of connecting to their past, their present, and their dreams. There is something special about each car, whether it be the history, or the fascination of tinkering with it, or the story it has come to represent in the collector’s life. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that classic car collections have a special place in the hearts of many.