Gauging Greatness: Instrumentation And Dashboard Tech In Classic Cars

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Classic cars of the past are widely appreciated for their look and timeless style. Increasingly, however, classic car enthusiasts are placing a premium on more than just aesthetics — they are now seeking out automobiles that have the latest and greatest dashboard instrumentation and technology.

In a time where cars are filled with all sorts of electronic gadgets, higher performance vehicles are more than ever feature-rich and contain more than just the basics. Aftermarket modifications of classic cars offer a wide variety of options and upgrades, many that can give drivers more insight into the performance of their vehicles.

Gauges and Meters

Engineered from the days of early internal combustion engine builders, gauges and meters are now a critical component of any modern performance car. Dashboard instrumentation options, such as the traditional tachometer, oil pressure and temperature gauges, are virtually essential for optimized performance and preventative maintenance. The latest aftermarket modifications build upon the original design of these classic gauges while at the same time adding new levels of sophistication.

Other monitoring options such as mass airflow and cost-effective digital options have made it easier than ever for classic car owners to measure and adjust their cars’ performance. Customized instrument faces and housings complete the current landscape of dashboard instrumentation modding.

Dashboard InfoTech

InDash technology, dashcams, and other connected devices are becoming more popular as well. With a typical car featuring over 100 sensors and generating massive amounts of data, aftermarket modifications can allow drivers to take control over that data and turn it into meaningful feedback and driving pleasure.

More advanced technologies such as Navigation, Bluetooth, and hands-free calling are now being integrated into these classic cars. With modern advances in automotive electronics, owners are now able to sprinkle a dash of the future into the upholstery of vehicles from the past.

Safety First

Modern performance vehicles have the capacity to detect and report faults within the car’s system, including real time performance feedback. By adding a connected analytics device to the system, drivers can now gain an understanding of the car in real time. This technology allows for faster reaction times and is invaluable in keeping drivers safe.

It’s amazing to see how far airspace technology has come in recent years — and classic car owners are beginning to feel its effects. Dashboard instrumentation and info-tech options are giving classic car owners a way to add modern performance features that can bring their classic car into the 21st century. It’s a great way to extend the life and enjoyment of these classic cars while keeping up with the times.