Roadside Assistance For Classics: Exploring Emergency Coverage Options

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Finding coverage for a classic car is often more difficult than finding coverage for a contemporary vehicle. Fortunately, coverage for classic cars—specifically roadside assistance—can be accessed in various ways to ensure the safety of hobby drivers and their prized vehicles. Here, we’ll explore a few of the options available for classic car owners.

The Classic Car Club of America

The Classic Car Club of America is a non-profit organization that gives its members access to several benefits, including roadside assistance coverage. If members need help getting to a shop for repairs, the Club offers towing services of up to 100 miles. Member benefits also include coverage for tire repair, lockouts, gas refills, and more. Members can opt to upgrade their benefits as well, including increasing the towing service range.

Other Roadside Assistance Companies

There are other roadside assistance companies that specialize in classic cars. They offer services such as towing, emergency jumpstarts, and tire repair, among other services. These services are typically customized to the customer’s needs, such as covering emergency service fees for the classic car. Additionally some companies offer reimbursement for car rental costs if the classic car needs to be taken in for long-term repairs.

Alternative Options

In addition to the standard roadside assistance options, classic car owners can purchase repair shop assistance plans. This is often a good option for those who don’t want to purchase a more comprehensive roadside assistance plan or belong to a car club. With shop assistance plans, drivers typically don’t need to worry about towing fees as the repair shop will cover them. Additionally, car owners may also consider purchasing additional coverage from insurance companies to supplement their roadside assistance coverage.


Classic cars can still experience roadside emergencies, but there are a number of coverage options available to make sure drivers and their vehicles can get back on the road as soon as possible. Drivers can join classic car clubs, purchase roadside assistance plans from specialized companies, or opt for a shop assistance package.